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oven baked potato chips [applies to many shows!]

Better Call Saul

oven fried chicken fingers

Bob's Burgers

muenster mushroom burger

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

nachos with the works

Game of Thrones

honey cakes with (or without!) lavender icing

House of Cards

BBQ baked cauliflower


shrimp flatbread with mango habanero salsa

Jessica Jones

sheet pan fried rice

Last Man on Earth

spicy cucumber margarita


blood orange lemonade


popcorn four ways

Scream Queens

rice krispie treat balls

Silicon Valley

sesame topped hamburger buns

Stranger Things

eggos five ways

The Good Fight

Chicago-style deep dish pizza

The Path

green smoothie

This Is Us

baked french fries with homemade spicy mayo and garlic chips


bagel casserole


blueberry frozen yogurt

#tbt faves

30 Rock

baked root veggie chips

homemade oreos

Arrested Development

baked hushpuppies

Breaking Bad

deli style green beans

Dawson's Creek

shrimp burger


spinach and zucchini chilaquiles with tomatillo salsa

soft pretzels with cheesy dip

Gilmore Girls

mac and cheese with a jalapeƱo-chipotle cream sauce

Gossip Girl

four cheese truffle grilled cheese with crispy onions

Mad Men

all homemade sundae with vanilla ice cream

gourmet veggie and mozzarella sandwich

Parks and Rec

banana, peanut butter and chocolate chip snack bars

bacon lattice pie


twix cake

The Office

chocolate turtles with homemade caramel

The West Wing

chocolate chip muffins

awards show eats

Golden Globes 2017 [featuring Stranger Things, Transparent and Game of Thrones]

Grammys 2017 [featuring Scream Queens]

SAG Awards 2017 [featuring House of Cards]