recipe archive by dish




eggos five ways [Stranger Things]

popcorn four ways [Scandal]

baked hushpuppies [Arrested Development]

baked root veggie chips [30 Rock]

soft pretzels with cheesy dip [Friends]

nachos with the works [Crazy Ex-Girlfriend]

baked french fries with homemade spicy mayo [This Is Us]

oven baked potato chips [A lot of shows]

deli style green beans [Breaking Bad]

oven fried chicken fingers [Better Call Saul]


eggos five ways [Stranger Things] (it's both!)

popcorn four ways [Scandal] (also both!)

banana, peanut butter and chocolate chip snack bars [Parks and Rec]

chocolate turtles with homemade caramel [The Office]

bakery style chocolate chip muffins [The West Wing]

homemade oreos [30 Rock]



bacon lattice pie [Parks and Rec]

bagel casserole [Transparent]

green smoothie [The Path]


mac and cheese with a jalapeño-chipotle cream sauce [Gilmore Girls]

muenster mushroom burger [Bob's Burgers]

BBQ baked cauliflower + sauce [House of Cards]

Chicago-style deep dish pizza [The Good Wife & The Good Fight]

shrimp burger [Dawson's Creek]

four-cheese truffle grilled cheese with crispy onions [Gossip Girl]

sheet pan fried rice [Jessica Jones]

shrimp flatbread with mango habanero salsa [iZombie]

sesame topped hamburger buns [Silicon Valley]

vegetarian gourmet sandwich [Mad Men]

zucchini and spinach chilaquiles with tomatillo salsa [Friends]


honey cakes [Game of Thrones]

homemade hot fudge sundae [Mad Men]

homemade rice krispie treat balls [Scream Queens]

twix cake [Seinfeld]

blueberry frozen yogurt [Veep]


spicy cucumber margarita [Last Man on Earth]

blood orange lemonade [Preacher]