Awards Show Eats [Golden Globes 2017]

I have spent nearly every awards show Sunday camped on the couch for five hours since I was in sixth grade, when E! Started airing Live from the Red Carpet. I had a strict silence rule and typically ended up watching by myself while my parents checked in on me periodically and my brother made unsuccessful pleas to watch football during commercials. Now, I’ve replaced that silence with overwhelming amounts of food, and I’m game for couch commentary. I took this year’s awards as my opportunity to launch this project with a bang by cooking food based on three of this year’s nominated shows.

honey cakes [Game of Thrones]

Game of Thrones is one of my all-time favorite shows, but I can’t say their cuisine sounds like it’s made up of dishes that entice me. Although the last season was a kickass one for Sansa, and her favorite lemon cakes would be an obvious choice, I wanted to go a different direction. The show might not have taken home any Globes, but at least these were a winner.

I took the recipe from one of the authorities, Inn at the Crossroads (I made the modern ones), and chose to add the lavender icing they suggest. Details here.

bagel casserole [Transparent]

Admittedly, I have only seen snippets of this show, and it’s been coming up on my to-watch list for a while now, but I know there is a big Yom Kippur scene where there are bagels, like any good break fast. I found an alternative to the normal bagels and lox spread you might find at any big breakfast, especially a Jewish one and it’s definitely a great option to sub in if you want to be a little more hands-on about it. I missed what has seemed to become a reserved spot for Jeffrey Tambor's speech at these events, but making this recipe made me want to move up my start date for the show.

I adapted it from the recipe I found. Details here.


eggos five ways [Stranger Things]

Like any good millennial, I watched the entire season of Stranger Things in one day, and the obvious food moment was Eleven’s obsession with Eggos. I can’t blame her—I don’t let myself buy them because as a child I could eat upwards of 12 at a time for breakfast and as an adult I should probably not do that to myself. But I gave myself an exception so I could dress up her favorite snack five kid-friendly ways that served as an appetizer OR dessert while it sat out through the ceremony. I was surprised this didn't win anything but the kids were all so cute, they stole the red carpet anyway.

Recipes came from the mom blogs of the internet. Details here.